Period to add/drop degree programs:

Period to add/drop degree programs:

The courses may be added or removed from a student's schedule during the first week of the semester without penalty.

However, the student must be aware of the penalties involved in adding or  dropping a course after the second week of the semester.

The moment of dropped will determine if a financial and academic penalty is incurred. The student is responsible to notify by written letter to the Registrar Office each time a change is requested.

The students who drop within the Add/Drop period will not be charged tuition for that class nor will it be counted as a course taken at the school.

The dropped class will have no effect on the student's GPA.

The students who dropped after the Add/Drop period will be responsible of the full tuition semester. The class dropped will have an effect on the student's GPA as it will result in a final grade of “F”.

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