How can I request a Transcript?

How can I request a Transcript?

If you are a student or graduate, you can request a copy of your official transcripts following these simple steps:

1. Know that your request will be processed in 7 to 10 business days and mailed to the destination previously indicated by you, or you can pick up the official copy of the transcripts in person.

2. Complete the Transcript Request Form.  Fill in the fields correctly to timely process your request.

2.1. Make a payment of $15.00 by our webpage:

2.2. Fill the form, attach the payment receipt and send.

2.  Another way to request the official transcripts is by sending an email to address: (please write your full name in the email subject).

2.1. Fill in the format called "Transcript Request Form.docx"  below attached to this article: 

2.2. Make a payment of $15.00 by our webpage:

2.3. Attach the completed format, the payment receipt and send the mail.

3. You will receive an email notification of the delivery of the copy, if you wish.

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