Can I make online payments?

Can I make online payments?

Yes! Every student can make online payments. Just visit the following site:

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    • How do I prevent a Tuition Hold status?

      Easy… Just make sure that you’re always up to date with your tuition payments. Always keep track of payment due dates! These are important and you shouldalways adhere to them.
    • What is a Tuition Hold status?

      A Tuition Hold Status basically means that there’s been an administrative issue affecting your payments. If you’re placed on Tuition Hold Status, then somethingis conflicting with your enrollment agreement.
    • What are the Pell Grant benefits?

      The Pell Grant is only for first-time undergraduate students who haven’t completed a Bachelor's degree yet. This aid doesn’t have to be paid back. To check if you’re eligible, make sure to submit your FAFSA application based on your family’s income ...